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  • Darren Burtenshaw, Psy.D.

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    Darren Burtenshaw, Psy.D.

    Registered Psychological Assistant PSB: 94027499

    Dr. Darren T Burtenshaw is a Registered Psychological Assistant (PSB94027499) finishing his clinical hours towards his doctorate under the direct supervision of Dr. Marissa Long. 

    Education and Training

    He received his Pys.D. in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. Most recently Dr. Burtenshaw had the privilege of completing a Pre-Doctoral Internship at a residential and intensive outpatient center. There he facilitated groups, focused on psychotherapy group dynamics and how that interplayed with the client’s individual schema, presenting problems and underlying conditions. His clients were adults presenting with acute trauma, PTSD, Severe Suicide Ideation, Suicide Attempts, severe ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, major depression, physical and sexual abuse histories, court-ordered, military ordered and at-risk behaviors including self-harm and eating disorders. Clinical modalities include relational-psychoanalytic psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, humanistic, psychodynamic, culturally sensitive therapeutic processes that address discrimination (sexism, homophobia, racism) and promote self-empowerment and positive self-esteem.

    Previously Dr. Burtenshaw spent his Doctoral Practicum Training at Riverside County /Riverside University Health System Behavioral Health as a member of the Children and Adolescent department. He was responsible for conducting integrative intake evaluations which include diagnostic assessments working with children and adolescents (4-17 years of age). His clients presenting problems ranged from severe ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, major depression, physical and sexual abuse histories, and at-risk behaviors. Some of the clinical modalities he used were Sand Tray therapy and expressive arts therapy. 

    When not in school Dr. Burtenshaw has been part of Equality California since 2009 working as a volunteer: fundraising, event planning, and developing programs and gatherings to promote equality including helping to develop and organize the Annual Awards Banquet, Harvey Milk Breakfast, and the Gay Pride Parades. Likewise, Dr. Burtenshaw was part of the Insight Program with Desert Sands Unified School District providing substance abuse psychoeducation workshops, programming, and mentorship to diverse groups of high school students. He has a great deal of passions and interests of which being a fantastic clinician is just one.