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    ARC Counseling and Wellness provides inclusive, holistic and compassionate counseling for families, individuals and couples to facilitate healthy personal growth. We commend your decision to seek help to make changes in your life, and we consider it an honor to be part of your journey to wellness.
    We offer virtual teletherapy sessions as well as in-person mental health therapy services in Claremont to best meet your needs. Whatever emotional or behavioral health challenges you’re experiencing, our team of knowledgeable psychiatrists and psychologists provides a wide range of therapy services, from parenting support and grief counseling to therapy for anxiety and postpartum depression.


    Therapy Services
    You can request virtual or in-person counseling services at our Claremont office for the following:
    General Therapy
    ARC Counseling and Wellness offers both online and in-person help for mental health challenges. Our virtual therapy services use a secure telehealth video platform that can be accessed from anywhere using a phone, tablet or computer.
    Our counselors hold specializations in the following areas:
    • Pregnancy and postpartum depression
    • Reproductive psychology and fertility concerns
    • Work and career issues
    • Parenting support
    • Grief counseling
    • Trauma recovery
    • Maternal mental health
    • Health psychology
    • Conflict resolution
    • Reproductive grief counseling
    • Stress management
    • Communications skills training
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Counseling for students


    Individual, Family and Couples Therapy


    • Individual Therapy:
    Our counselors will address depression, stress, anxiety or difficulties coping with life’s challenges.


    • Couples Therapy:
    Therapists can help couples through any challenges they face, whether they are married, engaged or just starting to date.


    • Family Therapy:
    We offer family counseling services as well. We have providers who work with families, couples, children and individuals so family systems can be seen and helped in the same office rather than visiting multiple practices.



    Online Support Groups for Students and Adults


    Our virtual support groups for both students and adults allow you to find support from like-minded individuals.
    These supportive, empathetic groups allow participants to access positive support confidentially and reliably.


    Psychological Testing and Assessment Services
    We use psychological testing to observe and treat a full range of psychological and emotional challenges. These services help us to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and guide effective treatment.


    Find a Therapist Today
    Whether you’re looking for an anxiety therapist or a professional with family and couples counseling experience, ARC Counseling and Wellness has the solutions for you.


    We are a diverse group of multicultural, multispecialty and multidisciplinary professionals committed to providing inclusive, high-quality and holistic care. That includes psychological, psychiatric and wellness services and referrals. We understand the importance of finding a provider that can meet your specific needs, and we will gladly refer you to a professional outside of our practice if we believe that’s what’s right for you.


    We invite you to enroll in our counseling services or reach out to us online with questions today. You can also opt for online therapy services if you’d rather receive guidance from the comfort of your own home.