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  • Reiki

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    What is Reiki?

    wellness servicesReiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that rebalances the body, and promotes wellness, relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety.  Through light touch or hovering of the hands-by the practitioner, it involves moving and working with the subtle energy system of the body.

    Similar to acupuncture, the practitioner and receiver work together with the intention of dislodging and clearing any blockages that may be contributing to physical and emotional imbalances.

    How long is a Reiki session?

    Sessions are 50 or 30 minutes long and consist of a short one to two minute discussion regarding the needs of the individual, the treatment, and a few minutes of ‘check-in’ time at the end of the session.

    What can I expect during my session?

    This practice can be received while seated or lying on a table, but unlike massage, clients remain clothed, removing only shoes if desired.  There is no manipulation of the muscles or surrounding tissues, only light touch.

    Before a session, the practitioner will speak to you about any physical or emotional challenges that might be causing difficulties and will guide you in finding a focus for the session.  It’s not necessary for the practitioner to know details or even what you intend for the session, only that you’re willing to remain open to the practice itself.

    The practitioner may use music and oils to enhance the body’s relaxation response.  Starting at the top of the head, they’ll place hands lightly on the body or hover over the area for a few minutes at a time, working the hands down the body to the feet, both on the front and back of the body.

    When the practitioner is finished, you’ll be given a few minutes to get oriented and then ask any questions or communicate any concerns that may have come up during your time.

    How will I feel after a session?

    The Reiki session is generally painless.  Some people report sensations of pressure, buzzing, aching or tingling as the energy in the body realigns and moves around.  In addition, feelings of being ‘floaty’, sleepy or unexpected emotional reactions and thoughts are also possible during and after the sessions.  These will subside and clear within hours or a day or two, with most people reporting feelings of extreme calm, relaxed, focused and lighter at the conclusion of their time.

    What can Reiki do for me?

    Reiki is very helpful with the following:

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Stress
    • Healthier Immune Function
    • Sleep difficulties
    • Pain cycles and management
    • Managing symptoms of Cancer and related therapies
    • Managing symptoms of autoimmune disorders
    • Fatigue
    • Fibromyalgia

    Reiki brings the body back into homeostasis or balance, and eases the fight or flight response of the amygdala, so that we can process, release and begin to heal the body systems.

    When the stress response is constant, our immune systems are compromised, our thought process unclear and scattered, and adrenaline is being released unnecessarily, causing physical and mental dis-ease.  Because the body holds so many experiences (both emotional and physical) we can liken the release process in Reiki, to one of peeling away the layers of an onion.

    The energy of Reiki is intelligent, meaning releases and healing may come over several or many sessions, depending on the person, in exactly the way the individual needs. Reiki is not a quick fix.

    It is, however, a wonderful compliment to the therapeutic process and other traditional modalities, because it requires very little effort other than our willingness to allow and receive.  Just this simple intent can shift your health in a unique and powerful way.