We offer in-person couples therapy sessions in Louisiana, New Mexico, California, Mississippi and Texas, as well as telehealth online counseling services to meet your needs.

Signs That You and Your Partner May Want to Consider Couples Therapy 

Couples and marriage counseling services may be helpful to repair or reignite the passion in your relationship. Some reasons couples may seek out therapy include the following:

  • Communication is negative or one-sided.
  • One or both partners is dissatisfied with sex.
  • You or your partner are not feeling the love.
  • Arguing has become commonplace.
  • One or both partners had a physical or emotional affair.
  • One partner is thinking of breaking up.
  • You are considering getting married and want premarital counseling.

Benefits of Couples Counseling 

Whether or not there are problems in your relationship, you can still gain many benefits from participating in couples or marriage counseling. During counseling, you can:

  • Work toward healing old wounds.
  • Develop a closer marriage or relationship.
  • Learn how to mitigate unpleasant emotions.
  • Practice resolving conflicts when they happen.
  • Feel heard by your partner.
  • Create more beneficial interaction patterns.
  • Become more supportive of one another.
  • Develop better parenting strategies.
  • Set goals and priorities as a couple.
  • Manage life transitions more effectively.

Find a Marriage Counselor Near You 

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