So basically, the world threw you a major curve ball and completely disrupted the way in which you were accessing your education and the community you built to support you. This is a big deal and we’re here to bring you together for support, processing and to help you get back on track in a healthy and productive way!


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You might be wondering:

What is online group therapy?

A form of psychotherapy provided on a safe and confidential online platform that involves a therapist working with several people at the same time on specific topics.

What are the benefits of group therapy?

There are way too many benefits of group therapy to list but here’s our top 6:

  1. Increased feelings of connection
  2. Increase your ability to express yourself effectively
  3. Ability to gather and benefit from multiple perspectives
  4. Access healthy accountability for what matters the most to you
  5. Learn skills and tools to get unstuck from negative thought patterns
  6. Experience validation, and affirmation while also getting real feedback
  7. Unlimited access to worksheets, and other great tools to support your work

Dr. Marissa Long often refers her own clients to group therapy naming that “Many of the benefits of group are only accessible in that context, connecting with peers who have a shared experience but in a specifically therapeutic way is not something that is often available, but it should be.”

Who can join?

  • All college students 18 years or older
  • Must be living in the United States of America

How do I register?

Please call our office at 866-200-9090. You will have an opportunity to complete a brief intake appointment within the first 2 weeks of your first group during which you will meet individually with the group facilitator, Dr. Lena Magardechian.

Please also print out, complete and return the form below consenting to the terms and conditions for Telehealth services.  Then email the signed form back to: [email protected] 

Telehealth Services Consent and Instructions

Additional Details:

  • Due to this global crisis, group is being offered at a significantly reduced rate of $15 per person/per session.
  • Group will be held on Friday afternoons for 1 hour. The exact and ongoing time will be determined based on the needs of the group members.
  • The first group will be held Friday March 27th at 1:00pm

Sign up today, before seats fill up!

Call 866-200-9090 or email us today.

online group therapy for Covid-19 support

If you are already registered for group, you can access group documents, worksheets and exercises here using the password you were provided.