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  • Robert C. Montes, Psy. D.

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    Roberto C. Montes, Psy.D.

    School Psychologist not listed under Licensed Psychologist

    Dr. Montes is a bilingual (fluent in Spanish) Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Licensed School Psychologist in the state of Texas.

    Dr. Montes received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Harold Abel School of Psychology at Capella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This program equipped him with the clinical skills needed to work in our culturally diverse culture. Dr. Montes has had the honor of working with individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic status and developmental stages.


    Dr. Montes’ work has given him a great deal of exposure and experience working with individuals with depressionanxiety, trauma and relationship difficulties. He has an extensive history of over 20 years working within the school setting, with children and adolescents ages 2 to 18, the correctional setting, helping individuals with cognitive disabilities as well as with developmental disabilities to include Autism Spectrum Disorder and currently with the Native American community. Dr. Montes also has clinical experience in conducting psycho-educational assessments, attending IEP meetings, providing educational consultations, facilitating groups and individual therapy with children and adults. Dr. Montes has a wide range of experience to include graduate level teaching at a university, supervising licensed counselors, working with at risk youth and their families. In the hospital setting Dr. Montes has worked inpatient and outpatient care.

    Areas of Specialty

    Dr. Montes has specialized education and training in crisis and critical-incidents, trauma, multicultural competencies in therapy and psychoeducational assessments (learning disabilities, and autism spectrum disorders). He received additional post-doctoral training in clinical psychopharmacology to enable him to become a prescribing provider, and has been trained in trauma based therapies, specifically Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (E.M.D.R.).

    In Session

    Dr. Montes takes an approach that is mindful of the whole person in front of him. He seeks to deeply understand each client and bring his knowledge and expertise to assist in alleviation of symptoms. He has a genuine and gentle demeanor and works well with women, men and children. Clients feel instantly comfortable in session with him helping kickstart the process of therapy.