Monica Hennon, Psy. D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PSY26950

Dr. Hennon is a licensed clinical psychologist with strong experience working with a range of mental health issues. Dr. Hennon believes in the resilience of the individual and works with each client to help them find their inner strength on their path towards change.

Education and Experience

Although a native of Southern California, Dr. Hennon completed her doctorate degree in Chicago at the Adler School of Professional Psychology. During her training in Chicago, she experienced a diverse number of training experiences including work with acute mental health issues, trauma, grief/loss, and rehabilitative psychology. Dr. Hennon completed her accredited internship with Adler Community Health Services providing individual and group therapy for marginalized populations. Dr. Hennon returned to California following completion of her doctoral training and took an accredited postdoctoral residency with Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara. While at Kaiser, Dr. Hennon worked closely with a wide range of mental health issues in the medical setting.

In addition to working individually with clients, she has facilitated therapy groups in anger management, parenting, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, self-esteem, and managing emotions.

Areas of Specialty:

Prior to graduate school, Dr. Hennon began her career as a behavioral therapist for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. It was while working with the families of individuals with special needs that she felt impassioned to pursue her doctorate. Dr. Hennon has continued to work closely with individuals with autism spectrum. Coming from a special family herself, Dr. Hennon is particularly attuned to the needs of family members of individuals with special needs.

Dr. Hennon’s areas of specialty include anxiety disorders, mood disorders, postpartum issues, grief/loss, autism spectrum, caregiver issues, trauma, adjustment, self-esteem, and relationship/interpersonal issues.