Counseling for the new year 2021

We did it! We made through 2020 and have kicked off 2021! To say that last year was a roller coaster would be a vast understatement. Social unrest, natural disasters, a global pandemic, jobs loss, school closures and an election more stressful than any time before; it’s safe to say that last year put us through the ringer. With 2021 just beginning, many of us are anxious about this new year and what it will have to offer.

If you want to set yourself up for a positive perspective keep reading for a few tips on what to do to kick things off right.

Take note of the things you are grateful for

While it’s much easier to focus on what was lost, try taking some time to reflect on what was gained or maintained this year. No matter how small it may seem you made it through this year which, let’s be honest, was no easy feat! Being able to reframe the year in light of some good things you experienced can help to shape your mindset as you step into this new year. If you’re struggling to find things to be grateful for, start by getting back to basics! Your body helps you move, pet an animal, feed yourself! Your mind allows you to do work, problem solve, comes up with great jokes! You’re an incredible person, you have lots to be grateful for.

Clean out your closet and donateCleaning closet

It’s a great time to finally give up those forgotten jeans or old college sweaters you never wear. Conducting an annual purge of your closet will not only give you more space but may also help someone in need. This is the perfect time for organizing and cleaning out that which no longer serves you. Any time is a good time for a fresh start but the start of a year is ripe for it. If you’re not quite ready to make the cleanout happen now, try to set yourself up for mid year success in this area by using the following tactic: Hang as many items of clothes as you can with the hanger openings facing you. Once you wear something and wash it, either put it back where it goes or hang it with the hanger opening facing in. In 6 months, take stock of your closet, whatever is still hanging with the hangers facing out, you haven’t worn in 6 months! You won’t miss something you’re not using. Of course leave anything out of this that has sentimental value to you!

Call a loved one 

Hundreds of thousand of people have lost their lives this year, many people died of COVID, many more died from hospitals being overrun and countless others due to racial injustice. While it is always important to let those close to us know that we love and cherish them, this year has been an exceptional example that it’s better to tell someone sooner rather than later how you feel and tell them often!  And while quarantines and lockdowns have made it impossible to physically be near each other, a phone or video call can remind us of the bonds we hold most dear. zoom meeting while working from home

Start taking care of yourself

Out of all the bad that came with 2020, there have been many people who have taken their time at home to establish self-care routines they may have never felt they had the time for before this pandemic. Self-improvement was a huge topic last year, and it’s only continued growing! There are so many ways to prioritize mental health and more resources to help with it than ever. Remember, self-care doesn’t always mean spending a bunch of money on products to have a spa night at home. It can also be small things to do directly with your mental health, such as: disconnecting from social media, journaling, setting boundaries with a toxic family member or with co-worker/your boss. While some of these things may seem easier than others, they are all important parts of taking care of your mental health.

Don’t try to predict the future

If we have learned anything from past year it is that there are just certain things we have little control over. At this point, we recognize that anything can happen. As tempting as it may be to start compiling a list of all the things that could go wrong, take a few moments to think of what could go right. Instead of trying to predict the next outcome write down your intentions for the months and year ahead. Going into 2021 with an open mindset is a great way to focus on what we can control.